Mini Websites

All the features you need for a professional website
Easy to use templates and designs
Works on all smartphones and tablets
Create your site automatically, or build a custom site
Works on any existing or new domain
Upload scrolling banners for impact

Short code Keywords

Allow your customers to:

Respond to a promotion or offer
Request information to be sent instantly to their mobile phone 24/7
Ask for a brochure to be sent to them
Request a call back
Receive a promotional mobile SMS coupon or voucher
Vote in a competition
Opt In to your marketing SMS

Bulktext SMS

You only pay for SMS texts used
Free Bulk Text user account
No contracts, no hidden charges and no strings attached
Come to Ireland’s most used texting service!

 Bulktext is a multi service SMS text marketing company that has been a market leader in Ireland for nearly a decade. Unlike cheaper offerings, Bulktext is a tier one SMS platform with direct connections into all of the networks. Cheap international routes are a thing of the past, so beware of services offering prices of 4 cent per credit or less. You get what you pay for.

Bulktext offers a mix of SMS texting, schooltext, shortcode keywords and affordable mobile websites. Converging all of these technologies into one will increase your marketing reach, whilst reducing your marketing budget. Send group SMS directly from your mobile or portable device – is set up for full mobile use, so no need for an App here.


With our multi-platform API’s for integration of SMS texts and short code keywords into your websites and social media presence, you will have the edge over your competitors.


Our mission critical, high speed SMS gateway will get your messages delivered at up to 400,000 SMS per hour. Repliable, two way communication with SMS text Opt Ins via our own Irish short code 51044 and a low cost website optimised for mobiles at less than €9.00 per month will ensure that your internet marketing presence has a jump start at a fraction of the cost of using a web design agency.


Sign up for a FREE Trial SMS user account and a FREE 30 day trial website today.